Monday, June 12, 2017

Two anniversaries

Fifty years ago today the Supremes ruled that states may not restrict who white people married. The various state miscegenation laws (only 15 left in 1967) were struck down. I learned something new today: these miscegenation laws weren’t just to prevent from white people from marrying black people. It was to require that white people could only marry white people, keeping the race pure.

The case was brought by Richard and Mildred Loving, so it was known as Loving v. Virginia. And in some communities June 12 is now delightfully known as Loving Day. So love your partner or spouse today, whoever they are. Then see the movie Loving.

The LGBTQ community is always thankful for this ruling. It formed the foundation of our own right to marry, achieved just two years ago.

The other anniversary isn’t joyous. A year ago today a terrorist killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 at the Pulse night club in Orlando. NPR host Ari Shapiro visited the site to talk to survivors, family of the victims, and medical staff who were on duty when the injured arrived at area hospitals.

We remember.

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