Monday, June 12, 2017

In spite of its unpopularity

In Congress the House failed to pass a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Then a few weeks later they did. This is the bill Senator Elizabeth Warren summarized as:
The CBO confirmed: Trumpcare is a $663 BILLION tax cut for the rich paid for by kicking 23 MILLION people off of insurance. End of story.

The bill was sent to the Senate and leading GOP senators said they would ignore the House bill and write their own. And it would take a while.

So they formed a committee (all men deciding women’s health) and started meeting in secret. And they intend to maintain that secrecy until a few days before the floor vote, which they intend to hold by the end of this month (meaning that bit about taking a while was a diversion). That secrecy means no public hearings, no testimony from those who will lose insurance (and might die because of it), no chances for debate in committee, no way to amend. Because of the way the Senate rigged the rules on this bill, there is also no chance to filibuster.

A new poll in Georgia’s 6th district (in a deeply red state) show only 25% are in favor of the House bill and a massive 62% see it as unfavorable. This is a district a Democrat may now win in a special election this month.

In spite of this huge unpopularity the GOP seems determined to pass it.

Make sure your senators know what you think. Though the Senate version of the bill is still a secret, here’s a hint: Since it is written by the GOP it will throw people off insurance and therefore is bad.

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