Thursday, March 4, 2010

A collection of noisemakers

I've now seen the bumper sticker "I'm a Constitution Voter" a couple times, including in my neighbor's driveway (though I don't think it's his car). It makes me wonder what the car owner means by that slogan. I have a strong guess what it does mean. One prominent anti-gay noisemaker says the homo agenda is incompatible with the constitution because our agenda conflicts with their freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

A GOP strategist says candidates should carefully hide their homophobia (and abortion views) until after they are safely elected. New Virginia governor did just that -- on both counts. At least they know homophobia won't win them votes from independents, which is a plus.

A prominent anti-gay speaker was invited, then disinvited to a Air Force prayer breakfast. He now accuses organizers of persecuting Christians by saying there is a trend where civil rights trumps religious freedom to oppose gays.

Let's see. New Orleans was hit by a hurricane and somehow the gays are at fault. Uganda is trying to get rid of all their gays and they have killer mudslides. What gives? Could it be that hurricanes and mudslides have nothing to do with your morality? What a concept!

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