Sunday, March 14, 2010

Racist, yeah. Homophobic? Well…

I -- and lots of other people -- have commented on the low-info and racist nature of the Tea Party movement. These are people focused on fiscal responsibility, though they didn't seem to mind how quickly the government spent money when a white guy was prez. There are now several commentators (including from the Christian Science Monitor and New York Times) noting the Tea Party people want nothing to do with the social conservatives who want to ban abortion and gay marriage. Too much of a distraction to the real issue at hand. That leads to the question, will the Tea Party people be good or bad for gays? Hard to tell when a movement defines itself by what it is against. We may have to wait until they endorse candidates.

Yes, indeedie, this question touched off a heated debate. How much of a distinction is there between Tea Party supporters and the Fundies who are happy to associate with them if it would get Obama and Dems out of power?

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