Friday, March 26, 2010

Power v. pleasing backers

If the medical industry -- Pharma, insurance, doctors -- are for the new health care plan, why are their lackeys in Congress (the GOP) against it? I heard about the medical industry's support late last week on NPR, but I can't readily find it now. That support was enough that when the whole thing passed most of these stocks went up.

So back to the question. It must be that their desire to be in power is stronger than their desire to please their backers. And they see the way to do that is to humiliate Obama. The GOP's own lackeys -- the Tea Party crowd -- seems to have slipped its leash, threatening and causing all sorts of mayhem. It's getting nasty out there. With the Tea Party crowd out there compromise is simply not possible. Predictions now that the mayhem won't end until there is an assassination, if then. The GOP is losing its grip on the fire it fanned with its overheated rhetoric. Either that is what they intended, or they believe that power and ideology is so important they are willing to risk it.

Here is the entire health care debate of the last 12 year boiled down to one page.

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