Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smart youth v. uptight adults

There's a new Gay-Straight Alliance at the St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Missisauga, Ontario. But they can't proclaim that title, because GSAs "lead to activism" (of course they do!). They have to be a generic anti-bullying group. The kids are planning to march in Toronto Pride Parade, which the administration says is fine as long at they don’t proclaim the name of their school.

The kids hosted an anti-homophobia event last week. The administration carefully scrutinized the pamphlets the kids got from Queer Ontario and rejected most of them (no talk of safe sex permitted). Then the admin said no rainbow flags and similar stuff permitted because rainbows are a symbol of Pride (well, yes, but a rainbow is also featured in the Genesis story of Noah).

The kids added a bake sale to their event, selling cupcakes with various colors of frosting. And isn't this amazing -- when lined up on the table the cupcakes formed a rainbow. Smart kids. The link has a photo of their table. They wanted to give the bake sale proceeds to go to the LGBT Youth Line. They got another no. They sent their $200 to a Catholic homeless shelter instead.

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