Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obsessed with the Occupy movement

Yeah, I voted in the GOP primary yesterday. I've batten down the hatches in anticipation of GOP robocalls and requests for money. Alas, my candidate got so few votes he wasn't even listed in the statewide results by the Detroit Free Press. And the Freep did list results for Herman Cain, who got 0.1% (Cain -- and Bachmann and Perry -- dropped out after the ballots were printed, a long time ago). I know my candidate, Fred Karger, is still running, because he is fighting to get on the ballot in North Carolina.

Lou Dubose, writing in the March 1 edition of the Washington Spectator (subscription required), notes a big topic at CPAC this past month was how to thoroughly discredit the Occupy movement. Along those lines there is a new movie, Occupy Unmasked, that tries to claim Zuccotti Park was full of rapists and druggies, and where lots of people died. The movie was created by the same people that stung ACORN and did the hit job on Hillary Clinton that became the basis of the Citizens United case. We know how they treat honesty. We also know how many people bothered watching that Hillary movie.

From the Occupy Wall Street blog, there were large Occupy to Shut Down the Corporations protests in Portland, San Diego, New York, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Charlotte, and elsewhere across the country and around the world. This post includes descriptions and photos (alas, the photos have no captions). Some protests had large crowds.

But nothing was mentioned in the news I heard. Hmm.

I mentioned my favorite animated short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, won the Oscar. It is now on YouTube and just as charming the second time. Well worth the 15 minutes.

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