Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sources of racial pride

A couple days ago I wrote about the campaign strategy from the National Organization for Marriage. NOM's strategy was to make opposition to gay marriage a point of racial pride for blacks and Latinos. Timothy Kincaid of Box Turtle Bulletin noticed some racial issues that just don't add up. Kincaid's musings show that NOM thinks blacks and Latinos are stupid.

Kincaid responds by saying racial pride is such things as ethnic foods and traditions that have been in the family for generation, family history, jokes that outsiders don't get, honor, decency, hard work, commitment and responsibility, generosity, and always making room for one more.

But making sure someone else can't share happiness is not something ethnic groups are proud of.

And white people telling blacks and Latinos what a point of racial pride is? Forget it.

Have opinions of gays changed during NOM's campaign? Yup. But not in the direction NOM would like. Black athletes now support gays with an attitude of "why wouldn't I?" Black writers now condemn homophobia without allowing for cultural excuses.

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