Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not gay enough

Maybe a week or two ago at a Starbucks shareholders meeting (sorry, I didn't save links) a member of National Organization for Marriage demanded Starbucks renounce their support for gay marriage. A Starbucks board member politely declined, prompting cheers from the audience.

NOM started a Dump Starbucks campaign and on their website got 25,000 signatures (no, I'm not linking).

Others started a Thank You Starbucks campaign, which has now blown past 640,000 signatures. You do the math.

Scott Wooledge, writing a comedy piece for Huffington Post, says that Microsoft and Apple (quite the strange bedfellows) are miffed. What, they say, we're not gay enough for you? Please boycott us too!

Microsoft says they were the first Fortune 500 company to offer domestic partner benefits (back in 1993)! Apple says even our CEO (Tim Cook) is gay!

But boycotting both Microsoft and Apple would leave NOM in a tough spot. NOM has a big social media and web presence. They'd have to give that up. Which would leave them communicating, hmm, on cave walls and with smoke signals.

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