Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, the contradictions!

Rob Tisinai has noticed that the anti-gay crowd throws ideas into the public arena, hoping something -- anything -- sticks and grows. It is like seeding a lawn (his image) or simply casting seed. However, that means some of the ideas contradict some of the other ideas they toss about. There are enough contradictions that Tisinai has started a series to highlight these contradictions.

1. (A) We can't let gays get married because that dampens the marriage culture and straight couples are more likely to separate. (B) Gay couples are too unstable to deserve marriage. But wait! Allowing gays to marry would stabilize their relationships and stabilize marriage in general.

2. (A) Science proves that straight couples are the best parents. (B) There are no scientific studies to show whether gay couples are good parents. Science is terrible and proves us right. Actually, the first is unproven and the second has been disproven my many studies.

3. (A) We must pass laws to prevent homosexuals to do (fill in the blank). (B) Homosexuals don't exist. The second idea is trotted out when gays ask for protections.

4. We must destroy liberty to save it.

There are two parts to this contradiction. Part 1:

(A) Allow gays to serve in the military is a threat to the religious freedom of military chaplains. (B) We must prevent military chaplains from performing same-sex weddings. Even those who claim religious freedom to do so.

Part 2, as Cardinal Timothy Dolan put it:
We cherish true freedom, not as the license to do whatever we want, but the liberty to do what we ought.
Tisinai interprets it this way:
The government must destroy the freedom to live according to your own conscience in order to save your freedom to live according to theirs.
More contradictions sure to come.

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