Saturday, March 29, 2014

Losing a path to justice

I've been thinking I need to make another addition to my outline about Power. This change is about the double way in which those who want Power look at government. One way is to use gov't to reinforce their Power. Part of that intentionally confuses legal with ethical. Yes, we can award contracts to our cronies because it is legal.

The other way is to recognize that properly functioning government has enough power to defeat their plans for Power, to stop their oppression. Therefore a goal is to make gov't to seem (and perhaps even be) incompetent. I currently see this in the inability of the Michigan legislature to come up with enough money to fix our collection of potholes we used to call roads.

That recalls Reagan's famous line, "Government can't fix the problem. Government is the problem." Yeah, when your plans are to maintain Power a responsible gov't can be a problem. Once enough people see an incompetent gov't and stop trusting it, dismantling it is so much easier. And the oppressed lose a path to justice.

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