Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This is like watching dominos fall. Late this afternoon a federal judge declared Idaho's same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutional. The reasons are the usual. The ruling takes effect -- and couples may start to marry -- Friday morning. The governor vows to appeal and has asked for a stay.

The Virginia case was before the 4th Circuit today. Of the three judge panel one was antagonistic, insisting a child needed a mother and father, another appeared to be on our side, and the third was rather quiet. There is no date set for the ruling.

In Arkansas the state's Supremes put a deadline of tomorrow to file briefs on the question of a stay of the same-sex marriage ruling.

A challenge to the same-sex marriage ban in Alaska was filed on Monday. A challenge to the ban in South Dakota will be filed within a few days. The current tally:

17 states permit same-sex marriage.
33 states ban same-sex marriage. Out of those…
31 states have or will soon have a challenge to that ban. Leaving…
2 states -- North Dakota and Montana -- without a challenge.

One by one.

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