Friday, May 2, 2014

No to weddings, yes to employee benefits

The United Methodist Church doesn't allow same-sex couples to get married in its churches or by its pastors. However, if part of the couple works at one of the various general agencies and they live in a state with marriage equality, the couple can get marriage benefits. That policy was announced last October and confirmed by the denomination's Judicial Council last week. Of course, Fundies are annoyed.

Other judicial rulings:

* Candidates for clergy who are gay should be given a job interview, even though noncelibate clergy are prohibited.

* A gay rights resolution from the Desert Southwest region was examined. The part that supported clergy who perform same-sex weddings was struck down.

The United Church of Christ has challenged the ban on same-sex marriage in North Carolina as discriminatory. The reasoning is slightly different from other cases. The church is saying it is being discriminated against because they cannot conduct legal same-sex weddings. There is already a case in NC brought by same-sex couples.

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