Friday, October 24, 2014

Humanizing Palestinians

I wrote more than a year ago about composer John Adams and his frustration to present his opera The Death of Klinghoffer because it tells the Palestinian side of their conflict with Israel. I was delighted to hear the Metropolitan Opera would be producing Klinghoffer this fall and that they would be simulcasting it to area movie theaters in mid November as part of their regular season. I put it on my calendar.

Alas, the same forces that protested the opera for glorifying terrorism (humanizing Palestinians) when it was first produced 20 years ago are protesting the Met's production. In a compromise that pleases nobody performances will continue in New York, but the simulcast has been canceled. Klinghoffer also won't appear in the Saturday radio broadcasts. Because Adams is a favorite composer I'm quite disappointed – enough that I'm wondering if it is worthwhile to go to New York for two nights. I checked – the total cost would be above $700. But to be in NYC for just a short amount of time would be frustrating and in the middle of the semester I don't have time for a long trip.

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