Friday, October 3, 2014

Whatever it takes to protect Americans

Connie and Aimee Wilson were married in California. Connie took Aimee's last name. Later, they moved to Texas. But Texas won't give Connie a driver's license because it doesn't recognize the marriage. She can't get a license under her previous name either because that's not her legal name anymore. As Wonkette snidely puts it:
Because if you can’t make life miserable for someone whose life you disapprove of, what’s the point of even having a government?

The Supremes didn't accept any of the seven marriage equality cases before them. They didn't reject them either. The next possibility for news is Tuesday, Oct. 14. The waiting could go until mid January and still get a ruling by June.

Lyle Denniston of Scotusblog says there were four justices who strongly objected to the big case a year ago that touched off the string of cases affirming marriage equality. Perhaps they are "arguing energetically" to take one of the cases provided there is hope one of their colleagues will join their side.

Denniston takes a look at the streak of victories we've gotten over the last year. Such a long list of victories means a few things: As other judges take up the issue they look at the consensus of their colleagues. State attorneys general decide that defense of a same-sex marriage ban no longer makes sense. The string and pace of victories will impress the Supremes. But the streak may also allow the Supremes to allow the issue to be resolved in lower courts without their intervention.

The World Wildlife Fund issued a report saying the earth has lost 50% of its wildlife in the last 40 years.

Jon Stewart takes a look at what Republicans are saying about ebola, the Islamic State, and illegal immigrants. The phrase seems to be, "We'll do whatever it takes to protect American lives!" Actual American death count so far for all three: maybe 10. But on issues such as heart disease, guns, and climate change, that are actually killing people in the range of tens to hundreds of thousands, the GOP suddenly has no memory of the phrase, "We'll do whatever it takes..." The difference? The issues causing the GOP to foam at the mouth are not yet in America (well, there is one case of ebola). A person keeling over from a heart attack can say, "At least my death was made in America."

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