Monday, October 13, 2014

Thirty states

Same-sex marriages have begun in Alaska. The governor vows to defend the ban.

That first link shows a map of the thirty states with freedom to marry. It also shows the five states that are affected by a ruling at their Circuit Court but have not yet permitted freedom to marry. Court actions should take care of those in days to weeks. Then there are the eight states with a ruling in our favor waiting for a ruling at the Circuit Court level.

Do you think, perhaps, that Vladimir Putin can see gay marriages from his house?

There was a recent ruling in Missouri saying it must recognize same-sex marriages celebrated elsewhere. That means it is possible to drive from Chicago (or even Duluth) to Los Angeles without becoming "not married" along the way – as long as you find a road to go directly from Missouri to Oklahoma, then loop around Arizona. You can also drive the same way from Charlotte, NC to Houlton, Maine (then on into gay-friendly Canada).

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