Friday, October 10, 2014

North Carolina and Idaho!

What happened in the marriage equality world today:

A federal judge struck down the North Carolina same-sex marriage ban. Licenses are being issued and weddings performed.

The governor of Idaho took his shot at explaining why the 9th Circuit ruling didn't apply to his state. Or at least he should be granted an en banc hearing. Justice Kennedy wasn't impressed and lifted the stay he had granted. Couples gathered in clerk's offices, but it doesn't look like the state AG gave the go-ahead before closing time. Since Monday is a holiday, the next day they open is Tuesday.

Same-sex marriage was happening in one county in Kansas. The state AG has asked the state Supremes for a stay.

Stephen Colbert does a 7 minute reaction to the ruling by the Supremes.

Rachel Maddow, on last Tuesday's show, does a thorough report on the ruling. A great moment – the gay couple at the heart of the Virginia case were first in line to get their license. The clerk who signed their license was the guy they sued, triggering the case.

David Crary (I think) wrote an article for a Fox affiliate, though I'm not sure where. He says there are now three views of same-sex marriage in the GOP. One faction has endorsed same-sex marriage. Some, such as Rob Portman of Ohio, have gay kids. The second faction is the bunch who are strongly anti-gay. This includes Ted Cruz of Texas. The third group doesn't want to talk about it. That includes Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, running for reelection.

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