Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hug a conservative

My pastor and I have talked briefly and with much joy about the Supremes legalizing same-sex marriage. At the end of the conversation I said, "So what is this going to do to the United Methodist Church?" I asked because according to church rules he is still forbidden to perform same-sex ceremonies. He replied, "I don't know. I've already been asked. I can't say no." Yes, a lesbian couple has already asked him to perform their wedding. This will get interesting. The next time the denomination might change the rules is next May.

The blog Joe.My.God written by Joe Jervis has a collection of cartoons celebrating same-sex marriage. His readers posted more cartoons in the comments, so scroll down. A recurring image is the Confederate flag being lowered and the gay pride flag being raised in its place. I like that one.

Jervis also reports on Brian Sims, a gay member of the Pennsylvania House, wondering why lots of people aren't moving to Canada. Scroll down for a commenters reply:
Attention angry American Conservatives, Canada has a message for you... "We're sorry, but the country you have reached is not at your service. We have same-sex marriage, universal health care and gun control...have you considered Iran?"

Matt Baume of Americans for Equal Rights put together a couple videos about the ruling. The first one explains how it is that same-sex marriage is in the Constitution when those words don't appear there. He also discusses the roadblocks that were thrown up when schools were told to integrate as a reminder that our work in this issue probably isn't done. It is 8 minutes. The second tackles what Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito wrote in their dissents and how they are wrong. That one is 5 minutes.

After watching the first video I scrolled down to the comments and saw this:
Hug a Conservative. They've had a rough week.

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