Saturday, June 27, 2015

I will not acquiesce!

Last night the White House was lit up in rainbow lights. But that wasn't the only appearance of rainbows in the night. There is the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis, the Empire State building, the Disney Castle, Denver's City-County building, and the Capitol building in Puerto Rico.

Reactions from GOP prez. candidates tend to fall in just a few categories.

Christie and Kasich: The Supremes have spoken. Let's move on.

Bush, Carson, Graham, Rubio, Fiorina: The Supremes have spoken, but I'm going to support religious freedom laws.

Walker, Perry, Santorum: Time for an amendment to the Constitution (which was tried about a dozen years ago and didn't succeed).

Huckabee, Cruz: "I will not acquiesce!" and, The problem is the lawlessness of the court! Time to remove the lawless ones and institute term limits for Justices.

Jindal: I won't permit gay marriage in Louisiana until the 5th Circuit Court specifically tells me I must!

Louisiana's case is before the 5th Circuit, who put the case on hold until the Supremes had their say.

Mississippi has also refused to let same-sex couples marry, though its governor is not running for prez. This state may refuse all marriage licenses until forced. The Attorney General says the 5th Circuit has put a stay on same-sex marriages and he won't budge until the 5th Circuit removes that stay.

The Texas AG has tried a similar trick, but many county clerks are ignoring him.

The response from Democratic candidates was unanimous: This is a wonderful ruling.

Amy Howe of SCOTUSblog explains yesterday's ruling In Plain English. As thorough and lofty as Kennedy's opinion is, it comes down to "some rights are too important to leave to the democratic process." That same-sex marriage is one of those rights is the major point of disagreement in Roberts' dissent.

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