Thursday, June 11, 2015

Maybe Michigan is Indiana

Didn't take long for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to sign the bills that allow adoption agencies to refuse couples (especially same-sex couples) who don't fit their religious beliefs. I think I can explain his reasoning, though agreeing with it is another matter. If these adoption agencies are prevented from discriminating, they will fly into a snit and close. Michigan is doing quite well in placing kids in adoption and we need all these agencies to continue to do so. Besides, same-sex couples aren't inconvenienced (much) because those agencies that discriminate must provide referrals to agencies that don't. And why the complaint? This is only putting into law what is actually happening anyway.

Why the complaint? Because it is discrimination, treating one class of people differently because of who they are. It is only a way for religious groups to say we're better than those gay people. And that discrimination violates the 14th Amendment. The ACLU of Michigan will file a legal challenge.

My sister and her partner are outraged and say it is time to move out of the state. Ireland and Greece look nice, they say. I say Ireland has same-sex marriage (see the news from last month). Greece doesn't. Though if you can't afford to move that far you could go to Canada. Or Illinois. And Vermont is lovely.

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