Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Guernsey, a small British Crown dependency in the English Channel not far from the French coast, has approved same-sex marriage by a vote of 37-7. Bills to introduce civil unions instead were defeated by as wide a margin. Implementation won't be before 2017.

Whose fault is it that Donald Trump is the leading GOP candidate for prez. and scaring the bejeebers out of the establishment Republicans? Liberals would say the GOP has encouraged anger at Obama and the Dems for about 8 years now and there is that Southern Strategy thing covering almost 50 years. Trump is simply the embodiment of that anger and racism.

And what do those establishment Republicans say is the cause of the rise of Donald Trump? Why, it is the same thing that is the cause of everything that is wrong with the country: Barack Obama.

I had written about how successful the anti-gay campaign was against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). This is the one based on accusing trans people of being bathroom predators. There is a new poll that shows how successful that nasty campaign was. Suppose the HERO bill was reintroduced and didn't include gender identity, would you vote for it? 49% said no, only 35% said yes. The results also implied that voters think gender identity protections are only about bathrooms. At the very least the Houston city council, when they try protections for us again, will need a new name for the ordinance.

Lesbian couple VL and EL (names not disclosed) had been together for quite a while. EL gave birth to three children. They moved from Alabama to establish temporary residency in Georgia so that VL could adopt the kids. Several years later the couple broke up. VL sued for visitation rights. EL refused. The case went to the Alabama Supremes, who ruled that since VL and EL were not married in Georgia that state mistakenly gave joint adoption to VL. She took the case to the US Supremes. They sided with VL, blocking the Alabama court's order to declare the adoption to be invalid.

Melissa McEwen of Shakesville presented this scenario: A white man is spotted walking along the side of the road. He has a pistol in a holster. A couple questions:

Since he is white things are apparently cool with the citizens who pass him and perhaps with law officials too. Would the same be true if he were black?

How does this situation coexist with Obama's request, "If you see something, say something."?

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