Wednesday, December 16, 2015

You will enrich us

I didn't watch the GOP debates last night. That would have caused severe dental problems due to gnashing of teeth. Besides, I had much more pleasant things to do. So I'm relying on the summary by Melissa McEwen of Shakesville. She wrote:
It was just a nonstop onslaught of violent rhetoric, as each candidate tried to convince US voters that s/he would be the most ruthless slayer of terrorists and civilians, the most bloodthirsty avenger, the most reflexive unleasher of mass killing in our names.

They literally don't see any other way to deal with anything besides killing. Am I talking about the GOP candidates or ISIS? … I don't understand how anyone can fail to see the bitter, horrifying irony of the candidates drooling to slaughter the slaughterers.

In contrast...

Since I live near Detroit I sometimes listen to the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Their news reports include stories about how warmly Syrian refugees a re being welcomed, including how the Prime Minister personally welcomed refugees who got off the first plane. Tom Allen, the early afternoon host on CBC Radio 2 talked about how Canadians anticipate Syrian refugees and their music and culture will influence Canadian culture. Allan played a clip of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing a piece by Syrian composer Kinan Azmeh, who also played solo clarinet. They are saying you are welcome here. You will enrich us. Allan said that Syrian influence follows the pattern of incorporating Czech and Hungarian culture into the national mosaic when those people fled to Canada in the last century.

What is Canada doing differently? They elected a progressive government a few months ago. Alas, the previous conservative gov't was just as hostile to non-white immigrants and First Nation people as their American counterparts (though maybe not as loud).

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