Sunday, December 6, 2015

Racist candidate for racist voters

Rick Perlstein of the Washington Spectator took a look at why Donald Trump has been getting consitently high poll numbers. Part of it is because Trump had considerable name recognition from being Top Dog of the TV show The Apprentice (according to Perlstein it is mean and absurd and highlights that to Trump everything is about The Deal). Perlstein concludes that Trump supporter like Trump because he, like them, hates the weak.

Amanda Marcotte writing for Alternet goes way beyond Perlstein. Hates the weak? That's just the beginning. A large portion of Trump's supporters are racists and are attracted to his racism. He validates their racism – if a candidate for prez. can say such things than I have his permission to be racist. He is promising to stop and reverse the fall of the straight white male from the top of the food chain (good luck with that).

Marcotte also notes that Democrats formed their coalition through compromise and tedious discussion. The GOP coalition is held together through a demand for a singular, lockstep view of issues. There can be no difference in opinion. That means candidates must rush to prove they follow the party line more closely than any other candidate. And Trump does that best. This lockstep view is great for Fox News, but not so good for the GOP party – or the country.

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