Tuesday, March 15, 2016

After Donald

Leonard Pitts, Jr., columnist for the Miami Herald thinks we should be thinking about what we do after Donald Trump. If Trump wins in November then head north until you see moose.

If Trump loses, don't just sigh in relief over the dodged bullet. The forces he is riding won't disappear after his defeat. They didn't disappear after Sarah Palin. We don't want to see what kind of monster those forces unleash in four years. Time to tackle them.

1. Confront economic insecurity. These people are struggling. The trickle down economics seems to evaporate before getting very far.

2. Confront ignorance.
The less you know, the more fearsome and confounding the world can seem, and the more susceptible you are to the authoritarian figure who promises to make everything all right again. Education must be rescued from the anti-science, anti-history, anti-logic, anti-intellect agendas of conservative school boards around the country.
3. Confront bigotry. It doesn't go away if you ignore it.

4. Confront fear. We're in
an era wherein the majority feels itself, its position and prerogatives, under siege by the ascendance of various minorities — racial, religious and sexual. So it becomes ever more important to find strategies that help us to locate in one another our shared humanity.
3. Confront apathy. Vote.

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