Wednesday, March 16, 2016

That Supreme nominee

Obama has announced his nominee for the Supremes, Merrick Garland.

* He is very well qualified.

* Seven current GOP senators voted for him to the DC Circuit Court back in 1997 and many others have praised him.

* Refusing to meet this nominee means the GOP obstructionists are doing it for only political reasons.

* He's got the top job in the second highest court, so if the GOP treats him "like a piƱata" his career won't be touched.

* He is a moderate, not a progressive. Yes, better than Scalia, but not as good as we want out of a progressive president.

* He adds no gender on ethnic diversity. He's a white male.

* He's 63, meaning his career might be only 15-20 years. Maybe that's an advantage.

* His position on LGBT rights is unknown (though LGBT rights groups remain hopeful and call on the Senate to do its job).

* Progressives could vote for three people this fall: Prez. Veep, and (indirectly) the Supreme nominee snubbed by Congress. Would Garland rally the progressive voters as a symbol of what American could be, what the GOP is working to deny?

If the GOP refuses to do anything with Garland there is a good chance that the next prez. will nominate someone younger and more progressive than this nominee. No good options for GOP leadership (a good thing!).

In the Senate when GOP leadership isn't tearing up the Constitution they're whining that Democrats are being mean to them.

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