Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You can't have that

The Kansas legislature has passed a bill, which Gov. Brownback signed, that puts a huge number of restrictions on what poor people can do with their gov't assistance money. They are prevented from spending the money on such things as any type of entertainment event, liquor, tobacco, nail salon, lingerie, or in any establishment where those under 18 are not permitted.

One thing conspicuously absent from the list: guns.

I don't see how the poor spend the money given to them is the government's business. Isn't the gov't trying to instill a sense of responsibility? This comes across as being invasive and mean. It's essentially punishment for being poor.

Mark Anderson of Daily Kos reminds us punishing the poor does not end poverty. It may be done to encourage people to get back to work, but does nothing to solve the problems of poverty. That includes wages that aren't sufficient for standard expenses, untreated medical conditions, substandard housing, and insufficient child care so parents can work.

You aren't allowed to have fun in Kansas. But you can buy a gun.

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