Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today's date is...

Yesterday I wrote about the bug in my calendar program and the fix that was offered the next day. My friend and debate partner sent this reply:
Well, my cell phone and computer know about Feb. 29, 2016, but my recently purchased cheap ($25) Casio Alarm Chrono digital-display wristwatch doesn't. When it showed March 1 on Monday, I decided to ignore the issue. But it incremented to March 2 yesterday and March 3 today. Then I got annoyed and pushed a lot of small buttons to recalibrate the date. No software fix... the same experience awaits me in 2020.

Maybe I should spend a little more on a watch.
As I chuckled over that I glanced at my watch. Then at my computer's date display. And back to my watch. Yup, my watch showed "Wed 3" and, yup, this was the first I noticed it wasn't correct.

While wrapping up food at the Ruth Ellis Center this evening I was carefully dating it all 3/3 and wondering why food dated by someone else showed 3/2.

For the record, I was very much aware of the date on leap day.

Looks like I need to push some of my own really small buttons lots of times.

My internet modem has been acting flaky the last few days. All status lights are go until I open the email program. So I called Comcast. They reset something and said the modem was showing its age. They would send a new modem. I found that if I let the email program sit it would eventually ask for mail and the modem wouldn't go bonkers. It was annoying in the morning, but not too bad through the day.

That new modem arrived today. I thought the box looked rather large. How big was this new beast? Would I have room for it and my feet under my desk? I opened the box. There were two modems. Huh? I called. The guy I talked to said yeah, they apparently routinely send out two modems in case one doesn't work. So you're getting modems from a supplier and they have dubious quality control? What am I supposed to do with the extra? And what am I to do with the old one? He said to call UPS or take them to an area Comcast store. Having your customer do all this doesn't sound like good customer service.

While on the phone the guy encouraged me to install the new modem Right Now so he could walk me through it. It didn't look hard, but I let him guide me. Rather glad I did because I would have had to call in a couple of the ID numbers on the back for proper authorization. In addition, once it was connected up it didn't initialize properly. While working our way through that he asked me to visit a couple of my usual webpages. On the second page I tried it redirected to a Comcast authorization page. The first authorization failed. A second try eventually succeeded. I went back to my usual webpage, but it redirected again. But no need to go through the authorization now. I tried my favorite site a few more times. Each time redirected. I may have to call them tomorrow (and suffer through the phone tree that doesn't really want me to talk to an agent) and ask how to take off the redirect. Doesn't sound like good customer service.

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