Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A self-financed campaign

A few days ago I responded to Trump's claim that he's the best candidate for gay people. Another response right here: Trump is meeting with 900 conservative Evangelical leaders. The roster includes the top of the anti-gay political activists, including Jerry Falwell, Jr., Ralph Reed, Ronnie Floyd, Robert Jeffries (mentioned before), Jay Strack, and Jack Graham.

It seems the Trump campaign is in full meltdown. He fired his manager and an adviser resigned. Hillary is outpacing his fundraising at about 40-1. That was something about paying for the primary campaign out of his own pocket, but not the general. It seems there is a combination of few people wanting to donate and not wanting to lower himself to beg for money. But I doubt his ego would let him bow out.

A couple reasons why people are reluctant to donate: First, while Trump donated money to his primary campaign, he also loaned money. The campaign is to pay him back. Which means money donated to the campaign may go straight into Trump's pocket, though he says he won't do that. Second, Trump routinely flies on his corporate airline, holds events at his corporate properties and resorts, and serves his corporate food (Trump wine, for example) at these events. Of course, the corporations bill the campaign to the tune of millions. And again the money goes (indirectly) into Trump's pocket.

The Senate voted on four pieces of gun reform. Yup, all four failed. Pleasing their corporate masters, in other words keeping their jobs, is more important than the lives of anyone else.

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