Sunday, June 26, 2016

Teaching boys about rape

The Good Men Project has an article about the way we accidentally teach boys about rape culture. We wouldn't teach our sons that rape is okay. Not directly. But here are six ways we teach them indirectly.

1. Saying "boys will be boys" teaches them they are above the rules. Boys are capable of respecting other people's bodies.

2. Forcing kids to hug and kiss others teaches consent can be overridden.

3. Asking, "What did you do to make him it hit you?" teaches both victim and aggressor that a person can force another to make a bad choice. This is like blaming the victim.

4. Saying boys hit girls because they like them teaches that love equals suffering. Hurting others is never okay.

5. Slut-shaming or implying a victim "deserved it" teaches a boy he is entitled to do it. Nobody deserves rape, including when drunk or high.

6. Saying girls should be pure before marriage teaches that girls who aren't pure don't deserve to be protected from rape. It also allows youth to confuse love with lust.

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