Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Direct line to Trump's ear

I mentioned yesterday that Trump was meeting with 900 top conservative Evangelicals. After that meeting Trump announced the formation of an Evangelical Executive Advisory Board. Over 20 of the top homophobes will have a direct line to Trump's ear. Strange that those on this board don't actually have to endorse Trump

Not all of the attendees think the Donald is wonderful. Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association (theirs, not yours) said:
He did say he is for religious freedom, but I don’t think he really understands that issue. Either he doesn’t understand it or he doesn’t agree with us and he doesn’t want to tell us that. I think that’s his weakness.

… I think his strength is on judges, which is very, very important. He said his judges will be screened by the Federalist Society, [which is] a bona fide constitutional, conservative group. So if they put their seal of approval on a candidate, then you can go with it.
So, yeah, Wildmon is saying Trump will nominate judges that have the approval of the Federalist Society, an extremely conservative group. That seems like all they want from Trump anyway.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. posed for a photo with Trump in what must be Trump's office. One tiny problem. The May 1990 issue of Playboy is clearly visible on the wall behind them. It is there because that issue contains an article featuring Trump.

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