Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hate and terrorism

A terrorist attacked a gay night club in Orlando last night. You can read all the details you want through other news sources. The latest tally is 50 killed and 53 wounded. This makes it the deadliest mass shooting In US history. Definitely terrorism. Definitely a hate crime. And definitely with us as the target. Pardon me while I wipe tears from my keyboard.

I've been reading Joe.My.God, a gay blog written by Joe Jervis. The comments in the posts related to this act are heartbreaking. An example is this woman who can't get in touch with her gay son. She doesn't know yet whether he is safe, in the hospital, or dead.

My sister's wife asked if I could suggest places appropriate for a donation. I found a few:

The Center, an LGBT community center in Orlando. You can donate to them directly (they have a crisis hotline and grief counselors) or donate to their Go Fund Me page, which will help the victims and their families. Here's a bit of news about what The Center is doing.

Equality Florida, an organization working for full equality of LGBT people in Florida. They also have a Go Fund Me page for the victims and families.

Soulforce, an organization engaged in nonviolent resistance to the anti-LGBT language and attitudes of conservative Christianity (though I'm aware this isn't a factor in this act).

A thank you to President Obama who signed an order that American flags are to be flown at half-staff until Thursday evening.

There will be a vigil in Orlando tomorrow evening. The police suggested it not be held today because they are still working the crime scene and protecting the vigil would mean they would be stretched too thin.

Joe Jervis posted his annual rant about Pride month. Too many LGBT people want to hide the more flamboyant members of our community. They want us to look respectable when we march in the Pride parade. His reply concludes:
To them I say: The very road that YOU now have the privilege of swaggering upon was paved by those queens and leather freaks that you complain about as you practice your “masculine” and give us butch face. If you want to live in the house that THEY BUILT, you better act like you fucking know it. United we stand, you snide bitches. America’s kulturkampf ain’t gonna be solved by making flamboyant people go away.

They wish we were invisible.

We’re not.

Let’s dance.

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