Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy birthday dear blog

It was nine years ago today that I started this here blog thingie. Three years before then, when Massachusetts was ordered to offer same-sex marriage, I had started sending out blurbs and links out news articles to family and friends. My niece was the one who suggested that a blog would be better. She said something about RSS feed.

This particular post is number 3300. Yes, a lot. The number of posts in a year hit a high in 2009 with 459 posts. Last year was a low at 285, though this year is at 219 and, with only six weeks to go, likely to come in lower. The posts get automatically get emailed to 9 people. Most posts are read by another 10-20 people by opening a specific post. Readership stats suggest another 30-100 people (it changes each month) read posts by opening and scrolling through the main blog page.

Lately, readers sit in America, France, Poland, Germany, China, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Australia. Every so often a new country shows up in the readership map. In the last month that was Yemen and Sudan.

Alas, very few of these readers leave a comment. In these 3300 posts there have been only 229 comments, which comes out to comments for only 7% of entries. There have been no comments in 2.5 years. I do get regular comments from the people the post is emailed to, though these don’t show up in the blog archives. The most frequent replies I get are from my friend and debate partner.

I’ve been writing the blog long enough that it covered the last year of Bush II. I’ve written about the battle over marriage equality, the latest shenanigans of the GOP (lots of growth predicted here), Christian fundamentalism (though not as much lately), the acceptance of LGBT people and our rights, bigotry, corporate takeover of America and the world, and myself. One recently added label is Building Community, exploring ideas of how we live together. I’ve used 643 different labels on posts (which don’t appear on the emailed version). Only 248 of these labels appear in a sidebar on the webpage with the number of times each has been used.

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