Thursday, November 10, 2016


My sister and her wife are terrified of what the nasty guy and his homophobic sidekick will do once in office and just as terrified of the way he has made it respectable for citizens to say and act on those homophobic opinions. She has sound reasons for her fears. Under the nasty guy and a GOP controlled Congress we could see:

* Pro LGBT rules in various gov’t agencies overturned. This includes non-discrimination protections for federal jobs and contractors, federal guidance on transgender students and bathrooms of choice, and rules in HUD and HHS.

* The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that pushed the idea that discrimination of LGBT workers was sex discrimination and a violation of Title VII. The nasty guy will be putting new people on the EEOC.

* Once enough new Supreme justices are in place, Congress could pass a law banning same-sex marriage. When it is challenged it would go to the Supremes, who could uphold it.

* The GOP has been refusing to fill federal court vacancies, creating quite a backlog of openings. These openings would now likely be speedily filled. And they won’t be friendly to us or any progressive cause.

* VP Mike Pence will push for a national License to Discriminate law, the one that burned him as governor of Indiana. He’ll have more conservative courts to uphold it. Pence won’t stop there.

* Integration of LGB people in the military may be far enough along that it may escape reversal. Integration of transgender people is not as complete and its future isn’t assured.

I know this list won’t make sister sleep any better.

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