Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Winnipeg will have to wait

I’m not moving to Winnipeg any time soon for a simple reason. I have responsibilities here in Michigan.

Yes, I’m devastated by the news that Hillary isn’t going to be president. As for that other guy, just like Bush II he will never be my president and I will not refer to him as such.

This is an image from 2004 from a newspaper in England. It sums up my thinking right now.

We’ve lost the White House, the Senate, the House, and will lose the Supreme Court. Though Ruth Bader Ginsberg seems to have a soul of iron I doubt she can last four year. It’s going to be awful.

So, to all of you who voted for this nasty man, a question: When the GOP has control of the entire federal government is the change you are demanding actually going to happen? Who do you blame when it doesn’t? How are you going to believe the GOP when they blame liberals for why your situation in life likely gets worse?

What are you going to say when that nasty guy’s thin skin gives him an itchy finger and he starts wars across the globe?

I was at rehearsal last night, getting home close to 10:00. I turned on the TV (a 1982 model that gets used maybe a half dozen times a year) and let it warm up (needed to get rid of the visual snow). While I waited for that I went to my computer and started browsing the blogs, especially Daily Kos. It led to a frustrating few hours.

The TV channels had talking heads, not news. There was no map in the background with the states colored blue and red. Daily Kos had a series of blog entries that never gave the overall picture and soon collapsed into comments such as saying the Canadian Embassy won’t open until 9:00 tomorrow. Another site listed their predictions for each state, but not actual counts and displays of which state for which candidate. I kept checking it because it had occasional tweets of vote counts, in particular showing that Michigan had that nasty guy ahead by 30K votes, but Dem strongholds of Detroit and Ann Arbor with about 130K votes hadn’t reported yet. The tiny bit I’ve seen this morning is Michigan is still a toss-up, not that it makes a difference.

I shut it all off at 1:00 and went to bed. Because of the dread I didn’t sleep well. This morning I checked a blog to get the bad news, but otherwise I avoiding everything, including NPR. I’m still a bit sleepy, though doubt I’ll sleep. I’m going to try anyway.

Wake me in 2020.

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