Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Perpetual motion

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is famous for union trashing and for not getting very far in this year’s GOP primary. He doesn’t seem to have that Twitter thing down. He tweeted:
If you like the past 8 years, vote Hillary Clinton.
Some of the responses:
Or if you’re a principled conservative vote for the racist molester who clowned you in the primaries.
– James

I love we have marriage equality, healthcare and a system that works for me, thanks and I will!
– Jaydestro

Remember last year when you encouraged people to unite against Trump? What a joke.
– Sconnie Trader

Obama is more popular than you, in your own state. Try again Scott.
– Maria Lia Calvo

Science says there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, something that runs without adding energy. But there can be one in politics – the Clinton Scandal Machine. It runs constantly without adding any facts.

Start with the assumption that Clinton is corrupt. Therefore everything she does must have criminal intent and she needs to be investigated. With endless investigation evidence appears (which doesn’t prove anything). Therefore she is corrupt and she must be investigated.

But a real investigation – Trump’s ties to the Russian gov’t – gets ignored, as do real issues, such as immigration, economy, and education.
There must be a pony. Dig! There must be a pony. Dig! There must be ...

The Obamas hosted a Halloween party at the White House. One of the kids came dressed as a lame duck.

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