Friday, November 20, 2009

We've heard it all before

Meghan McCain, daughter of the failed prez. candidate, is puzzled. Why are various sexual shenanigans by various GOP party members and Fundie supporters ignored yet her support of gay marriage means that she can't be a member in good standing?

145 Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox Christian leaders presented a manifesto saying how they will never be swayed from their positions against abortion and against gay marriage (though one suspects they are against a lot more than just marriage when it comes to gays). They did this to remind Obama of their power and remind the younger generation that gays are yucky. Sigh. The only reason for mentioning this tired and broken record (does that metaphor still work?) is that the gay commenters are getting more creative.

* It's not that I'm anti-Christian, I am just pro-lion. And their numbers are dropping … why?

* Do they agree on anything else? Let's see. Health care? No. Wall St. bailout? No. Wars in the Middle East? No. Divorce? No. The Pope? No. Hmmmmm....

* Drop Your Bibles and step away from the religion.

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