Friday, December 31, 2010

Controlling myself

This is posting 342 for this year, down significantly from last year (459 posts). Since this blog began more than three years ago, this is post 1306. Happy New Year!

I've known for a long time that the Fundies make a distinction between sexual orientation (which they claim doesn't exist) and same-sex behavior. You can call yourself gay. We don't care, even though we know you're really straight. But if you act on that urge you claim to have, well you've lost all reason and you can't control yourself.

So one wonders if a new assault against us is confusion on their part or intentionally relying on the confusion of the hapless public. Star Parker, a conservative columnist, notes that 36% of Americans now believe that one is born gay. Therefore more Americans "believe that individuals cannot take personal responsibility for their sexual behavior." Yup, while a good chunk of Americans see us as having an immutable characteristic Parker is twisting that to mean our inability to control our conduct is immutable.

That means a gay person cannot be trusted, cannot tell right from wrong, and is dangerously amoral. Therefore we must fear gays and can't have gays as parents, teachers, and soldiers. And morality is important for a society -- even George Washington said so.

Parker starts her rant with, "I’m feeling increasingly like a minority in our country. Not because I’m black, but because I am a Christian.” Good. I very much want that that particular brand of Christianity to be a minority, and a small one at that.

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