Friday, December 3, 2010

Spoiled brats

When I heard about this latest GOP tactic my reaction is this is the worst thing they've done. Certainly the worst since … well longer than a week ago. We are talking about the GOP. At least this one is way up there on naked greed, callousness, and chutzpah. The stunt certainly qualifies for outright extortion.

In case you hadn't heard -- and the mainstream news has been downplaying it (what liberal bias?) -- the entire block of 42 currently serving GOP senators delivered a letter to Harry Reid saying until they get their tax cuts (the ones for the rich) preserved Reid can consider everything in the lame-duck session to be filibustered. They sound like spoiled children with puffy blue faces (wish I could claim that phrase was original with me -- the picture isn't either). And their tax cuts are more important than…

* Extension of unemployment benefits -- strange that tax cuts for the wealthy don't have to be paid for through spending cuts, but benefits for the poor do. Note the rich get $100,000 a year each (not that they'd notice) while the poor struggle with $12,500 a year which can make the difference between keeping the house and not.

* Defense spending authorization for two wars, a bill that includes the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Though for this a couple senators may break ranks.

And Reid? He merely sputtered about the lack of effort to solve the nation's problems. It also sounds like the prez. is caving under the thought of a fight. The GOP is handing him a PR bonanza and he isn't taking it?

Don't be surprised that when the debt limit must be raised sometime around March the GOP votes it down.

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