Friday, December 31, 2010

Who said anything about a culture war?

Sigh. The job of Republican Party Chairman is about to open, one of those things that happens after every federal election. The current office holder is Michael Steele, who is black and had considered attempts to oust him to be racist (this is the GOP we're talking about). He is running for the job again and has a few competitors. All of them are now working to burnish their credentials as a bona-fide conservative. And how does one do that? Sit down with the head of the National Organization for Marriage and explain how one goes about dissing gays. And that after an election season where everybody said the GOP is getting past the culture wars because it's all about the economy. Sure.

There is a 15 minute video (which I didn't watch and don't recommend for your viewing pleasure) about Steele's encounter with NOM. The excerpts I read had the usual drivel about pushing marriage protection in the states and, if there is a failure, then to push for a constitutional amendment. Steele finishes it all off with an insult. He explains that when he was very young his father died from alcoholism so he knows the importance of a father and a mother and therefore gays shouldn't get married. His logic didn't make sense to me either. Just because we have Steele's bigotry on record does not mean we will be better off with any of the other candidates. Gentry Collins says gay marriage would devalue his own. Reince Priebus says "the sanctity of marriage is given to us by God." Ann Wagner says efforts to ban gay marriage is "a pillar of our Republican party and our platform." Saul Anuzis says defending straight marriage is "part of our faith."

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