Monday, December 6, 2010

Neither party is listening anyway

Terrence Heath expanded on an essay he wrote shortly after the election. The earlier one said the GOP didn't win, the Dems lost because so many millions who voted for them in 2008 didn't bother to vote.

Since then the GOP has been saying America has spoken and has clearly spoken in favor of their policies. By making that claim the GOP is, of course, ignoring the clear voice with which America spoke in 2008 and the numerous polls about the priority of various issues since then. All those polls say Americans do not want the policies the GOP is ramming through.

So why, if Americans don't like GOP policies, did they not vote to prevent them? Heath provides an answer. Because to those 45 million citizens who sat this one out, their vote is useless. Neither party is listening to them anyway.

I've been wondering when somebody is going to come right out and say this. Clarence Jones of the Huffington Post finally has. In the same manner that Eugene McCarthy took up a primary challenge against President Lyndon Johnson (who signed some landmark laws yet escalated Vietnam) in 1968 it is time for a Democrat to challenge Obama in the primaries in the 2012 campaign season that is about to start. Obama has abandoned the base that got him elected. It seems he feels he can ignore us because we have nowhere else to go (that's especially true of gay issues). Any true progressives -- with a spine -- out there?

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