Saturday, January 21, 2012

Complications of Biblical logic

Timothy Kincaid of Box Turtle Bulletin has thought about sexual orientation and spirituality and came to this conclusion:

1. God created me same-sex attracted.
2. Despite my prayers He seems to have no intention of changing me.
Therefore one of these is true:
3a. God is perfectly fine with me being gay.
3b. God is a monster.
3c. God doesn't exist.

Orthodox Judaism has created a Torah Declaration and the logic comes out this way:
1. The Torah makes it clear homosexuality is unacceptable.
2. G-d cannot create a human who is unable to find a loving relationship within Biblical prohibitions.
3. Same-sex attractions can be modified and healed.

Kincaid points out there is an objectively testable reality: Does reorientation happen? The answer has been a resounding no.

That leaves two possibilities:
1. These Orthodox rabbis will realize the error in their logic.
2. These rabbis will end up without congregations to lead. This appears to be happening.

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