Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another step into the digital age

I bought a new camera! This one is digital. My old camera still works, but it uses film and my favorite kind of film is no longer available. I'm about to leave on a long and photogenic vacation (more later) and I didn't want to risk running out of film or want the hassle of trying to find more.

So. Digital it is. I bought a package and got an extra lens, an extra capacity memory card, and a camera bag.

I started learning how it works yesterday and took a few sample shots of the flowers around the house. I spent this morning figuring out how to get the photos from the camera to my computer. Getting photos to my netbook is easy because it has a little slot for the memory card. Not so with my desktop.

The camera came with a cable to go from it to a USB slot and software to load. I didn't think I needed all the image editors (don't have time for all that) so loaded just the viewer. Alas, it uses one of the other products to actually pull the images off the camera, so back to the software installer. Then the image transfer program wouldn't work, prompting a call to the manufacturer. Much to my surprise one of his questions was what kind of printer I had. Uh, dude, my printer has nothing to do with the kind of operation I need to perform.

With a digital camera I can now post my own pictures to this blog. This is one of the day lilies beside by deck.

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