Saturday, June 16, 2012

A fine way to mark the day

I joined about 75 people in protest today (including my friend and debate partner). I thought it an appropriate way to spend an hour of my birthday. We were in front of Flagstar Bank in Dearborn Heights to protest the foreclosure of the home of Jennifer Britt. I'll let the notice on the Occupy Detroit blog explain the circumstances to you. There were lots of tooting of horns of people driving by. Alas, the bank manger didn't come out to talk to us. The truck from TV station Fox 2 Detroit was there, so I might be on TV later tonight. We stayed on (or near) the sidewalk and didn't disrupt traffic or business at the bank, so the police merely watched.

One of the leaders talked to me for a few minutes. He said in foreclosure prevention work it is possible to see the effect of the work. They've prevented 8 foreclosures so far. In general government protests it is hard to tell if anything is happening.

I got on the mailing list, so I hope I'll be doing more of this.

This is an afternoon post because I'm off to a concert that is a part of the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival.

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