Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'll wave a rainbow flag with you

Paul Singer is a billionaire and a top GOP fundraiser. But he has started something rare in GOP circles -- he has started a Super PAC to push for marriage equality. This is partly in honor of his gay son who is married. The sole purpose of the PAC is to encourage GOP candidates to support marriage equality, partly by compensating them for Fundie blowback. This allows candidates who are close to actually proclaim their support.

Alas, he is also a big Romney fan.

A marriage protection amendment on the ballot in Minnesota has prompted progressive Christians to finally speak to blunt the Fundie voices. Pastors are speaking and getting their congregations to agree. This even included the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church overwhelmingly approving a resolution against the amendment.

Mormons are showing up at Gay Pride events and not just in Salt Lake City (as I mentioned earlier). Yesterday it was in DC. They're not trying to condemn or push ex-gay ministries and they aren't worried about supporting sin. They are simply saying, "I'll wave a rainbow flag with you." Yeah, some people don't trust this kind of outreach. But this is a much better message than the last time Mormons organized around a gay issue.

I've noted that Obama's change of stance on marriage equality has prompted a shift in the poll numbers, especially in Black communities. Timothy Kincaid of Box Turtle Bulletin thinks there might be another reason at work. A couple years ago DC legalized gay marriage. Now Black residents of the city can see photos of Black gay and lesbian couples getting married and those people look happy. It is about family.

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