Thursday, June 21, 2012

A lot more of us

Rob Tisinai has one more observation about that recent scientific study that tries to claim that gays and lesbians make bad parents.

Back in the 1940s and '50s the Kinsey Report said that about 10% of the population was Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual. More recent surveys put the number at about 4-5% (which means about 15 million LGB people in America based on a total population of 310 million). Our opponents claim we're only 1.4% of the population (that's still over 4 million), as they try to say why are we bothering with the rights of so few people (compared to the rights of hundreds of millions of Christians). But the Constitution doesn't have a threshold.

One of the questions (I don't have the exact text -- though I followed the link to all the questions and answers I didn't want to wade through 135 pages) was something like this: Do you consider yourself completely straight, mostly straight, bisexual, mostly gay, or completely gay?

The small surprise: 6.6% of the responders said they were bisexual, mostly gay, or completely gay. That's over 20 million in America. Keep in mind that people still might be hesitant to tell a researcher they are not straight, so this number is likely low.

The big surprise: The number who said they were completely straight was 80.1%. That means over 61 million of us aren't completely straight.

So if they want to use the study to claim to say we're bad parents, they must also admit there are a lot more of us than originally thought and America is more sexually diverse than they want to believe.

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