Thursday, June 7, 2012

We want smaller government

Paul Begala of Newsweek wrote of some of the ways the 1% are leaving the gov't (and the taxpayers) with the bill. Yeah, these are the same people who hate gov't spending.

* Tom Ricketts, owner of the Chicago Cubs, hinted that he might move the club's training camp from Arizona. The city gave him $99 million to prevent the move. Ricketts now want $150 million in Chicago's money to renovate Wrigley Field. He also wants a share of the amusement-tax revenue.

* Curt Schilling got Rhode Island to support his business 38 Studios with $75 million. It went bust. Schilling campaigned for candidates, praising those who were for smaller government.

* Romney and Bain owned Bank of New England. When it went bankrupt, Romney negotiated a deal to allow Bain to walk away from a $10 million debt. Romney drove GST Steel into bankruptcy, earning $12 million in profit and $4.5 million in fees, while leaving taxpayers with a tab for $44 million for underfunded pensions.

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