Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hot time

I live on a cul-de-sac with a golf course surrounding the street. I sometimes describe my location as being alongside the 6th tee. Yes, I collected golf balls in my yard. That golf course closed three years ago. With no grounds crew it quickly became a nature preserve by default and my neighbors said it would take too much money to turn it into a golf course again. In this more natural state I've occasionally seen deer.

I got home this evening at 9:30, a bit after sunset, and as I was taking the trash out I could see a glow and a big column of smoke behind the house across the circle. I heard the neighbor talking, so went over. Through the trees we could see a pretty good blaze going. The clubhouse was burning. The neighbor said it had been burning for perhaps 15 minutes before fire trucks showed up from less than a half mile away.

While there he and other neighbors said they had heard rumors that the clubhouse and some parcels of the golf course property had been sold, though no idea to whom or for what purpose. I doubt much could be done with the course because it is in a floodplain that floods with every big rainstorm, though it would be good to have some type of business where the clubhouse was.

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