Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stepping into the technology of the decade

I'm writing this on my new computer. Setup is only partially complete. But I've had enough sitting and waiting for downloads for one evening.

Much of the transfer between computers was done through my external drive. I created a backup folder on that drive and copied all necessary files on the main drive onto it. I disconnected it from the old computer and plugged it into the new and all the files are available, though maybe not yet in the right place.

I've had the old computer since 2005. I got it off my desk yesterday. In the process I pulled out the cables for the old one and found a couple cables not attached on either end. Those were for the computer I had before 2000. Then I swept up a lot of dust.

I started unpacking the new one last evening. I finished getting stuff out of boxes this morning. Since I have two monitors (one horizontal, one vertical – I'll take a picture soon) I bought a graphics card for the second one. That installed easily and the two monitors connected just fine. But when I turned on the computer I got a message on one monitor saying since I had installed the graphics card the computer had no need for the standard monitor port and I must use the port on the card instead. I disconnected the one monitor and the other one works just fine. Need to have a chat with the store that sold the card.

I installed the Microsoft successor to the email program I had been using. It appears to have loaded all the messages from the old system just fine, once I told where to get them from the backup folder (I had experimented with another mail program that expected files in particular places, but wouldn't tell me where those places were). Though it says all the messages loaded it won't show them to me until I configure how to connect to my mail server – and that will require a call to their helpdesk. So today I'm reading email from the server's website.

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