Monday, July 14, 2014

The price is right

I did some shopping this afternoon with one of the items a cable from my synthesizer to my new computer. It is needed because this computer has a different sound card. Some web searching showed what I needed was a MIDI to USB cable.

At one store a sales assistant helped me locate the cable and pulled it off a hanger with a tag for what I thought was $8.99. When checking out the total came to over $60. I balked. She called another assistant and I took him to where I got the cable. There was another one hanging there and the tag did indeed say $8.99. On closer inspection the assistant discovered the tag was for a different product. He said that with the second one there it wasn't a case of a customer putting a product on the wrong hanger, so he would give it to me for $8.99.

When I got home I checked for a similar product on Amazon. There the price was $7.99 and I have it now.

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