Sunday, July 13, 2014

Opposite of traditional medicine

My nutritionist gave me a handout at my last visit listing the top 10 medical myths. Most of the responses are from the book What Doctors Don't Tell You and the rest from The Cancer Handbook, The Dental Handbook, and others. I don't have the author or publisher of any of these. Here's my summary:

#1 Lowering cholesterol prevents heart disease. There is no proof of a link between lowering cholesterol and fewer deaths.

#2 Screening for cancer saves lives. Sorry, the tests are too inaccurate.

#3 Mercury in tooth fillings is harmless. Actually, it acts like a time-release poison.

#4 Fluoride protects teeth. No, it causes osteoporosis and may cause Alzheimer's.

#5 Vaccination has conquered infectious disease. Rates of disease fell before vaccines, which took the credit.

#6 Women need hormone replacement to protect them from heart disease. The studies are flawed and the hormones can cause breast cancer.

#7 Modern drugs conquered disease. Only if it is an antibiotic. Otherwise all drugs do is mask symptoms.

#8 Routine X-rays are safe. Actually, they may be the source of 8% of all cancers.

#9 Mental Health has nothing to do with diet. Almost all cases of depression are from a wheat allergy and schizophrenia is being traced to nutritional deficiencies.

#10 More people survive cancer thanks to chemotherapy. Sorry, it has no effect on solid tumors, which make up 90% of all cancers.

I am very aware that a great deal of what my nutritionist says sounds opposite of what traditional medical practice says. So, yeah, one of them is wrong. She would say the list shows how big corporations have taken over health science and treatment. Since my nutritionist is making progress with some of my long-term health issues that were merely “managed” I'll go with what she says rather than traditional medicine. She is a part of a network of practitioners. I can provide details if you'd like.

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